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  1. The Powers of Tryll: After the Time of the Return and Heavensfall, the gods of Tryll walk the earth. Still mighty beyond mortal ken, they have lost much of their power.
  2. Tryllspace: A pictoral tour of the Crystal Sphere known as Tryllspace.
  3. Tales from Tryll: Stories of the heroes and villains of the world.
  4. The Troll Gods: This group of evil deites would make Delia shudder. The gods of the trolls; some of the nastiest, and most unreasonable, deities of Tryll.
  5. Shii'yar - A Guide to the Divine: A player character's guide to the gods of Tryll.
  6. Currency of Tryll: a guide to understanding the dynamic and shifting economy of the world of Tryll.
  7. Lycalithum of Dramidia: The Laws of the country of Dramidia.
  8. Buildings of Tryll: Inns, homes, temples, and other edifices found in the world of Tryll.
  9. Monsters of Tryll: The beasts which hunt the wilds of Tryll.
  10. Astronomy of Tryll A guide to the planets of Tryllspace.
  11. Timeline of Tryll: What happened, and when.


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