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  1. Random Encounters on the Astral Plane: A table of random encounters for the Astral Plane. Requires the book A Guide to the Astral Plane by TSR.
  2. Magic Duels: How can mages do battle without doing one another harm? These rules are less cumbersome and time consuming than those suggested by TSR.
  3. Rule Variations: General rules variations used in the World of Tryll.
  4. Drinking Contests: Just who-drinks-who under the table? A system for determining who can take the most alcohol before hitting the floor boards.
  5. Blood-Clans: Powerful human families, with strengths and abilities far beyond mortal ken.
  6. Lycanthropy on Tryll: Running lycanthropy on a moonless world.
  7. Magic Jar - Alternate Rules: A more prolonged system. Not meant as a replacement for the spell, but as an extended encounter.
  8. New Proficiencies.
  9. Structural Damage: An alternative system for tracking damage done to structures by seige equipment, monsters and spells.
  10. Alignment Tracking: A system to track a Player Character's alignment variations.
  11. Alternate Spellcasting System.
  12. Death: rules concerning near death experiences, and dying.
  13. Magical Item creation costs. An alternative ruling on the costs of creating intelligent and non-intelligent magical weapons.
  14. New Character Classes.
  15. Races and Character Classes of Tryll. Optional rules for Single classed, Multi-classed and Dual-classed characters.
  16. Slitting throats.
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